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The Gary Dudley Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to any legal (biological or legally adopted) child of law enforcement officers of the State of Indiana (or of counties, cities, towns and other political subdivisions of the State of Indiana) who die in the line of duty. The scholarships are granted for each year for the qualified post-secondary educational expenses, including tuition, books, and room and board, as determined by the appropriate representatives of the educational institution. Potential recipients may apply a maximum of four (4) times or for eight (8) semesters whether or not the semesters are consecutive semesters. The scholarships are available for all post-secondary fields of study including college, trade school, or advanced degree programs. Economic need will be a factor in selecting eligible recipients and determining the amount of the scholarship award. Board members and their families are specifically excluded from eligibility.


Applications will be available at the foundation’s office located at 1415 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46203, telephone number 317-636-0929, or on the Indiana State Police Alliance website found at The scholarship application deadline is April 1st. The board will meet each spring to review the applications and select the scholarship awards. Each scholarship will be made for one year; however, the application, once filed, will be considered a continuing application and the recipient may be awarded additional scholarships in subsequent years. Scholarship funds will be forwarded prior to the beginning of each semester to the appropriate bursar’s office at the institute of higher learning designated by the scholarship recipient. Scholarships may be used only for qualified education expenses as determine by the bursar at the educational institution.